Ocean Edge Resort Wedding Videographer/Filmmaker :: Brewster, MA :: Allison and Ryan (Part I - Sneak Preview)

There's a reason why weddings on Cape Cod are so beautiful.  Perhaps the vacation-like feel of a resort-setting wedding contributed to the relaxed atmosphere, but we think it's the people that make these weddings so much fun.  Neeta and I had the honor of working with Allison and Ryan in September at Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club, and we absolutely love all their genuine smiles of happiness on everyone's faces!!  Here are a few of our favorite "freeze frames" from their preparations and ceremony.  There are literally hours of footage we've captured from their wedding, and we're going through and creating their film right now.  You'll have to wait a little longer to see their wedding film, but hopefully these images will give you a glimpse into their amazing wedding day.

More to come soon!  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see what where we're working on now.

Seaport World Trade Center Wedding Videographer/Filmmaker :: Arlington, MA :: Patty and Matt (Part III - Wedding Recap Film)

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for... Patty and Matt's wedding recap film!  Through this 6-minute film, you'll be able to get a sample of the amazing day that Patty and Matt shared with their family and friends.

On the beautifully sunny morning of July 26, 2014, Neeta and I arrived at Patty's parents' home to start our day of coverage.  There was plenty of excitement already in progress, and we jumped right in to capture some key moments of the preparations.  From hair and make-up to putting on the wedding gown, Patty and her bridesmaids spent the morning and early afternoon getting ready for the big day.  I started capturing detail shots of Patty's dress, jewelry, and shoes while Neeta stepped outside to get some establishing shots of the house and flowers so that we could create a warm opening to their wedding film.

Fast forward to St. Agnes Parish where Patty and Matt got to see each other for the first time that day!  The homily given by Father Brian Flatley was so touching that we knew we'd have to incorporate his uplifting words into the wedding recap film!

We then headed to the Seaport World Trade Center and were blown away by the intricate detail that Patty and Matt had put into designing their reception space.  From their custom-engraved mini wine cask (for collecting cards) to their classic table settings, we knew we had to capture as much of the details as possible.  And let's not forget the evening photo session, just after sunset.  Paired with the twinkling lights of the city in the background, Patty and Matt's smiles say it all.... blissful happiness.

Special thanks to Eric Barry for sharing some of his still photos for our wedding film production.  If you're looking for a friendly and amazing photographer, you must check out Eric.  And a big shout out to Dan McCarthy for keeping the party going all night long!  We loved the upbeat atmosphere and we were able to capture some really great footage of guests dancing!

So without further delay, here's the world premiere of Patty and Matt's wedding recap film!  We've had a wonderful time working with both of you and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!  Congrats!

Cinematography: True Focus Films
Photography: Eric Barry Photography
Ceremony Venue: St. Agnes Parish
Reception Venue: Seaport World Trade Center
Officiant: Father Brian Flatley
Entertainment: Dan McCarthy
Seaport Coordinator: Ellen Pells
Soundtrack License: The Music Bed 

Saint Agnes Parish Wedding Videographer/Filmmaker :: Arlington, MA :: Patty and Matt (Part II - Exchange of Vows and Rings)

There's something quite special about Patty and Matt's wedding day.  Maybe it's the beautiful flowers the couple chose to adorn St. Agnes Parish.  Or perhaps it's the perfectly sunny weather that graced their wedding day.  Or maybe it's how Patty and Matt beam with happiness to be marrying each other.  Yes, that must be it.  You can tell they are just so happy to be tying the knot!

We're still in the process of editing their cinematic wedding film, but for all those waiting around to see more, here's a brief glimpse into Patty and Matt's wedding ceremony.   We're thrilled to have been there to capture their wedding day, and can't wait to share more with you very soon!


Tanglewood Wedding Videographer/Filmmaker :: Lenox, MA :: Lauren and Jeremy (Part III - Wedding Recap Film)

"What nobody else is doing."

That's the answer that Lauren gave when I asked if her wedding had a special theme to it.  I wasn't quite sure how to interpret this at first, but as I got to know Lauren and Jeremy over the course of several months, I learned more about their outgoing personalities and their love for hosting great parties.  I should have known their wedding day would be a "hit" by the amount of time and effort Lauren and Jeremy put into preparing a small feast of cocktail snacks each time we got together to talk about their day!

Fast forward to June 7, 2014.  Neeta and I journeyed out to Lenox, MA and found our way to Tanglewood Music Center.  As with most weddings, our day started with preparations of Lauren and Jeremy in their respective rooms at Highwood Manor, one of the several "rehearsal" houses for Tanglewood's elite musicians.  Neeta and I took a quick tour of the beautiful grounds, got our cameras ready, and then split up.  I made my way up to Lauren's room and found the bride getting ready with her bridesmaids.  Neeta headed out to the outdoor ceremony area (already setup with chairs, a chuppah, and flowers) and started getting some great detail shots of the amazing ceremony space with jaw-dropping vistas of the Berkshires in the background!

I then quickly headed over to Jeremy's room where he was busy transcribing his vows on to yellow-striped index cards!  "Awesome!" I thought... "this is going to make for a killer pre-wedding story!"  His groomsmen were involved in a jovial discussion about different types of metals used in wedding bands, so I grabbed my shotgun microphone to capture some of the great back-and-forth bantering.

I could go on and on about how the perfect late-spring day became a wedding day that will go into our books as one of the classiest weddings we've ever captured.  But we think their wedding recap film will do much better justice of telling their story of love, family, and burn-the-floor dance moves!  I have to admit... this couple can DANCE!

Special thanks to Douglas Levy for sharing a few of his still images with us (seriously, you MUST check out his work).  Doug, we are thrilled to have worked with you once again!  A shout out to DJ John Dolan for keeping us informed when he'd be starting each of the events throughout the reception (makes our job SO much easier)!  And thanks to Jeanne Spence for the mouth-watering feast for Lauren and Jeremy's guests.  We love seeing people who are so dedicated to their craft, and Jeanne and her team were professionals by all definitions.

There's something endearing about the smiles on Lauren and Jeremy's faces.  They're genuine smiles... the kind that easily conveys just how happy this couple is to be getting married.  And we're so thrilled to have been part of all the fun.  Congratulations to Lauren and Jeremy, and thank you so much for letting us capture your story!


Cinematography: True Focus Films
Photography: Douglas Levy Photography
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Tanglewood Music Center
Officiant: Devin Keefe
Classical Guitarist: Adam Levin
Entertainment: John Dolan, CZone Music
Catering: Jeanne Spence, Gourmet Caterers
Soundtrack License: The Music Bed 

Premium Custom-Engraved USB Drives to Feature Your Wedding Film

DVD and Blu-ray discs are great for preserving your wedding film and have been the "standard" format of wedding film delivery for many years.  But a new trend is making a splash in the wedding world... a format that allows even higher quality and portability.  Welcome to the world of USB drives, where gigabytes of data are easily stored in an easy-to-carry device about the size of your index finger.

Why do USB drives make sense for wedding films?  Many new TVs are being manufactured with USB ports built into the TV.  Couples can insert their USB drive into the TV and watch their wedding film in full HD splendor without the need for a DVD or Blu-ray disc player.  But the fun doesn't stop at the TV.  Any computer (with a USB port) can also serve as an HD screen to watch the wedding film.  Simply insert the drive and double-click to start the playback!  And if you have a smartphone or tablet, simply copy the file to your device and show-off your wedding film anywhere you go!

We custom-engrave your USB drive with first names and wedding date by laser-etching on the surface of the USB drive.  The metallic cap (featuring our blue/white/silver color scheme) swivels a full 360 degrees (so you can't lose the cap)!

Your drive is presented in a simple and elegant white box with a pillow-cushion bottom.  An elastic band keeps the USB drive snug and prevents it from moving around.

 There's even a small magnetic latch on the lid to keep your box safe and secure when not in use!

 Interested in seeing one of our custom-engraved USB drives in-person?  Give us a call or send us a message, and we'll setup a time!  For couples who want the very best in image quality and data storage, our premium USB drives are a great way to preserve your special day.

The Hampshire House and Taj Boston Wedding Filmmaker Videographer :: Boston, MA :: Jenn and Ed (Part III - Wedding Recap Film)

There’s something magical that happens at weddings.  Sure, weddings join two people in matrimony and there’s a wonderful celebration to commemorate the joyous occasion.  But there’s something else that happens.... they bring families together.  And this couldn’t be clearer than with Jenn and Ed’s wedding day.

I first met Jenn and Ed back in January.  It was a chilly winter evening but that didn’t seem to have any damper on the couple’s wedding excitement when I met with them at their home (they even offered me fuzzy slippers to keep my feet roasty-toasty during my visit).  I got to learn a little bit about what makes them who they are and what they’re hoping for in their wedding film.  Part of my normal questionnaire includes “is there anyone or anything special you’d like us to capture for your film?”  Jenn and Ed both gave me a resounding “yes”!  And that’s when I got to meet the other love in Jenn’s life... her son Erik!  He was so friendly and adorable that I knew we’d be able to capture some really great footage of him, too!  I could tell that Ed and Erik were buddies... and I knew this wedding was going to be so much fun!

Fast forward to May 31, 2014... their big day!  Neeta and I started our day at the Hampshire House where we found Ed and groomsmen Lionel and Simon hard at work with decorations.  We found a few minutes to capture the three guys getting dressed and sharing some laughs (along with Ed handing out groomsmen’s gifts).  We love when Simon discovers a great way to remember which way the cummerbund is worn... with the pleats facing upwards.  “To catch the crumbs... that’s a great tip,” Simon exclaimed.  I’ll have to keep that in mind for the next time I wear a cummerbund!

We then headed over to meet up with Jenn at the Taj Boston Hotel.  We were capturing Jenn with her bridesmaids Ann and Michelle getting their hair and make-up done, when we noticed Jenn’s dress hanging in the hallway.  Sunlight was pouring through a window in the hallway, and we knew we had to get a shot of Jenn’s beautiful dress!  I quickly grabbed the Steadicam while Neeta setup the shot.  If you’re wondering how we timed the door opening, well that scene took about 5 takes.  Neeta stood behind the door and we timed it so that as soon as I came about 8 feet from the door, she started opening it.  The “reveal” of the dress is just awesome... one of our favorite shots in their film!

There are just so many great memories from their wedding day, and words don’t do it justice.  So let’s just head straight to their wedding recap film so you can experience all the fun and excitement for yourself!  And if you were a guest at their wedding, we want to extend a HUGE thanks to all the family and friends for making our jobs so much easier!  You held doors for us, allowed us to proceed through first, and had awesome smiles going on all night!  Thank you!  A big shout out to our friends Julie and Brooke of Julie Surette Photography for being awesome and sharing all the fun with us!  We had a great time shooting with you once again and hope our paths cross again soon!

So without further delay, the world premier of the wedding recap film!  Congrats to Jenn, Ed, and adorable Erik!

Cinematography: True Focus Films
Photography: Julie Surette Photography
Bridal Preparations: Taj Boston Hotel
Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Hampshire House
Officiants: Barbara Khan, JP
Entertainment: Joe Mazza (J&J Productions)
Cake and Desserts: Icing on the Cake
Soundtrack License: The Music Bed 

Saint Agnes Parish Wedding Videographer/Filmmaker :: Arlington, MA :: Patty and Matt (Part I - Sneak Preview)

We had the pleasure of working with Patty and Matt on 7/26/2014.  There are so many amazing moments from their wedding day, and we're still going through all the footage and creating a cinematic masterpiece.  But for the time being, we thought you might like to see a sneak peak into their wedding ceremony at Saint Agnes Parish in Arlington, MA.  Here are some of our favorite "freeze frames" from their ceremony.

More to come soon!

Tanglewood Wedding Videographer/Filmmaker :: Lenox, MA :: Lauren and Jeremy (Part II - Wedding Vows)

We just love it when couples write their own wedding vows.  They're so powerful and meaningful that it just adds an extra dimension of "uniqueness" to the wedding day!  That's exactly what Lauren and Jeremy did for their picturesque wedding at Tanglewood.... they composed their own personal vows to one another and recited them in front of their closest friends and family.

So we just had to share their heartfelt wedding vows with you.  Honestly, while editing this portion of their wedding film, I started to get a little teary eyed myself.  We love all the little details about their "dating years" that show us who they really are, and how much they love each other!

Special thanks to the couple's friend Adam Levin (classical guitarist) for providing the beautiful guitar accompaniment.  This was actually the song the couple used during their processional, but it was just so amazing that I had to include it for this part of their wedding film!  (Don't you love the magic of film editing?)  And of course, a huge thanks to Devin Keefe for officiating the service.  What a great speaking voice!

Enjoy Lauren and Jeremy's wedding vows.  More to come soon.  And be sure to subscribe to our blog so you'll be among the first to know of new postings!  Like us on Facebook and visit us on Twitter to see what we're working on now!

The Hampshire House Wedding Videographer :: Boston, MA :: Jenn and Ed (Part II - Wedding Trailer Film)

And now, some more fun with Jenn and Ed!

The wedding recap film for Jenn and Ed's wedding at The Hampshire House is still in production.  But in the meantime, we thought you might enjoy a brief "teaser" of their amazing wedding day.  Love those killer smiles!!  We're thrilled to have been part of all the fun, and we hope you enjoy Jenn and Ed's wedding trailer film!  Thanks to Julie and Brooke of Julie Surette Photography for being such awesome photographers... it was great working with you once again!

More to come soon!  Subscribe to our blog and be notified via email as soon as new updates are posted!

The Hampshire House Wedding Videographer :: Boston, MA :: Jenn and Ed (Part I - Sneak Peak)

We’re still on a high from shooting Jenn and Ed’s wedding over the weekend!  From the elegant Hampshire House where they held their ceremony and reception to the majestic Boston Common where we captured some amazing footage of their "first look" session, we are still in awe of how stunning this newlywed couple looks in every single shot!

So while we’re still going through the hours and hours of footage from their wedding day, we thought we’d stop and share a few of our favorite “freeze frames” from their wedding ceremony.  Love those smiles!

Congrats to Jenn, Ed, and their adorable son Erik..... more to come soon!
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Boston College Irish Dance Club Theatrical Videographer :: Chestnut Hill, MA :: "Treble"

Once again, I've had the pleasure of working with Boston College Irish Dance Club to record their 2014 production entitled "Treble".  What an amazing group of dancers!  Their high energy performance on the night of March 21, 2014 had me tapping my feet the whole night at Robsham Theatre at Boston College.

Here's the opening credits section of the Treble DVD:

ORDER YOUR DVD - family members and alumni of BCID
To purchase your copy of the "Treble" DVD, simply click the "Buy Now" button below and you'll be transferred to our PayPal payment site.  Price is $35 per DVD with a flat rate shipping charge of $5 for delivery anywhere in the USA.  All orders are shipped via USPS First-Class Mail (2-5 business days delivery timeframe).  Note: you'll see a transaction of "PayPal - True Focus" on your credit card statement.  For a limited time, if you purchase two or more DVDs on the same transaction, you'll receive free shipping on your order!  DVDs are now shipping, so order your copies and be among the first to enjoy BCID's 2014 performance on DVD!

Congratulations to Boston College Irish Dance Club for an amazing performance! 

Summer Weddings in Boston :: Cinematic Wedding Videographer :: Boston, MA

As I sit here at my computer (on another chilly day) with a hot cup of tea, I'm reminded that warmer weather is just around the corner.  And with the warmer weather comes the fun and excitement of summer weddings in and around Boston.  We can't wait to work with all our wedding couples this coming season!  And for those of you still searching for a cinematic wedding team, we still have a few dates left for 2014.  Just click on the "contact" button at top and let us know that you love our wedding films!

So until the warm weather is back (and I can leave my winter coat at home), here are two wedding recap films from last summer to keep you nice and warm!


Preparations, ceremony and reception at The Pavilion Blue Ocean Music Hall (Salisbury Beach, MA):

Preparations at The Langham Hotel (Boston, MA).  Ceremony and reception at The State Room (Boston, MA):

The Dance Organization of Boston College Theatrical Videographer :: Chestnut Hill, MA :: "Reign"

When we're not working with wedding couples, we're usually heavily involved with the theater community in and around Boston.  On January 31, 2014, we had the pleasure of working with The Dance Organization of Boston College in capturing their 2014 production titled "Reign".  What an amazing performance featuring some of Boston College's finest jazz, Latin, hip-hop, ballet, tap, and modern dancers.

Here's a sneak peak of their upcoming film.  Congrats to the cast and crew of DOBC's "Reign"!

Granite Links Golf Club Wedding Videographer :: Quincy, MA :: Despena and Constantinos (Part II - Wedding Feature Film)


That's the answer Despena and Constantinos gave me when I asked them if their wedding had a special theme.  "Our families are very important to both of us, and we want to make sure you capture as much of our families as possible throughout our wedding film," Despena told me when I met with them several weeks before their wedding.  And sure enough, I got to experience first-hand  just how large a role this newly wed's friends and families played throughout their entire wedding day.  But let's back-up a bit and do this story justice!

Neeta and I started our day at Despena's parents house.  From the moment we entered their home, we were greeted with utmost respect and courtesy, almost as if we were part of their "family".  I started with coverage of Despena's mother getting her hair and make-up done, while Neeta started with some detail shots inside and outside the house.  When Despena made her way downstairs, we focused our attention to her putting on jewelry in front of a large mirror.  Neeta happened to catch an amazingly precious moment of Despena's and Constantinos' fathers singing a beautiful song in Greek (truly touching moment... one of our favorites!!) in the kitchen.  Umm..... talk about great timing!!

We then hurried over to Saint John the Baptist Hellenic Orthodox Church and setup our cameras and microphones.  We knew that two priests would be officiating the ceremony, so we setup both of them with a wireless lav microphone (hidden under their ceremonial robes).  Seeing Constantinos' face light up with smiles upon seeing Despena walk down the aisle just warms our hearts.  We love seeing Despena and Constantinos beam with happiness as they have their Greek ceremonial blessings bestowed upon them.

But unlike most weddings we've covered, this wedding had a special ceremonial piece AFTER the wedding ceremony had completed.  You see, as soon as their wedding ceremony ended, they went straight to the baptism of their adorable son Demetrios.  What a happy baby!  We love how his relatives gave him a Canon lens cap to keep him distracted.... perhaps he'll be a wedding filmmaker someday!

And what a magnificent sunset at Granite Links Golf Club later that day.  Despena, Charlie, Demetrios and their friends and family danced the night away to the sounds of traditional Greek wedding music performed by Orfeas Greek Band.  In many ways, we felt like we got to be part of Despena and Constantinos' families that day, and it was truly a memorable experience.

Special thanks to Areti Bratsis Photograper for sharing a few of her amazing still images with us.  If you're looking for a really great wedding photographer, you must check her out.  We loved working with Areti and hope our paths cross again soon.

So without further delay, we give you their wedding feature film.  Congratulations to Despena, Constantinos, and Demetrios on their very special day.

Cinematography: True Focus Films
Photography: Areti Bratsis Photographer
Ceremony Venue: Saint John the Baptist Hellenic Orthodox Church
Officiants: Father George Dragas and Father Nicholas Pelekoudis
Reception Venue: Granite Links Golf Club
Band: Orfeas Greek Band
Cake and Desserts: Konditor Meister and Arlington Bakery
Soundtrack License: The Music Bed 

Granite Links Golf Club Wedding Videographer :: Quincy, MA :: Despena and Constantinos (Part I - Wedding Trailer Film)

What do you get when you combine two ceremonies in a single day?  You get a ton of amazing footage... that's what you get!  No, I'm not talking about two different wedding couples on a single day.  I'm talking about Dianne and Charlie's combined wedding and baptism, and the celebratory reception following both ceremonies!

We're still working on putting the final touches on their wedding film, but in case you want to see a sneak-peek into their fun-filled day, here's a short wedding trailer film to hold you over.  More to come soon!

Winner of 2014 WeddingWire Couples' Choice Award :: Boston, MA :: Wedding Videographer

We've done it again!  WeddingWire has awarded us the 2014 Couples' Choice Award (our fourth consecutive WeddingWire award)!  Thanks to all our wedding
couples from 2013 for rating us so highly... we couldn't have done it without you.  And we're excited to be working with all our wedding couples in 2014!

Here's the criteria for the Couples' Choice Award (from WeddingWire's site):

The WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards® 2014 recognizes the top local Wedding Professionals that demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism. Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the organization, the WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards® are awarded solely based on the reviews from over 1.2 million newlyweds. Awards are determined by a combination of four factors: overall rating (quality), total number of reviews (quantity), review performance from 2013 (recency), and consistency of reviews from year to year (consistency). This year's recipients represent the top 5% of WeddingWire's vendor community, across all service categories and all regions throughout the US, Canada and abroad.

But don't take our word for it.... check out all the great things our past clients are saying about us!

Read all of our Wedding Videography Reviews at Weddings, Wedding Cakes,  Wedding Planning, Wedding Checklists, Free Wedding Websites, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Ideas & more

Blue Ocean Music Hall at The Pavilion Wedding Videographer :: Salisbury Beach, MA :: Jodi and Mario (Part III - Wedding Recap Film)

Things we love about Jodi and Mario's wedding:

1) Great venue -- seriously, Blue Ocean Music Hall rocks
2) Super fun wedding party -- tons of energy to keep the party going through the night
3) Footage of Jodi and Mario walking along the beach (and also of them at sunset) -- in a word... breathtaking!

Special thanks to Todd and Tiffany at Todd Wilson Images for sharing some of their awesome still photography with us.  If you're looking for a great wedding photographer, you MUST check out Todd's site.... you won't be disappointed.  A huge thanks to Patty King and Megan Whithed at Blue Ocean Music Hall for being so helpful on the day of the wedding.  They kept us informed of timeline updates and made sure we were ready to shoot before starting any of the activities.  What a team!  And props to Joshua Wiseman from AllStar Entertainment and Uplighting for keeping the party rocking... love his energy!

So if you're ready for the world premier of Jodi and Mario's wedding recap film, just click on the play button below.  We'll miss seeing this fun-loving couple's raw footage in our editing studio everyday, but we'll have the recap to remind us about their awesome wedding.  Congrats to Jodi and Mario!

Cinematography: True Focus Films
Photography: Todd Wilson Images
Venue: Blue Ocean Music Hall
Officiant: Stacy Young
DJ/Uplighting: AllStar Entertainment and Uplighting
Cake: Konditor Meister Bakery
Soundtrack License: The Music Bed

Blue Ocean Music Hall at The Pavilion Wedding Videographer :: Salisbury Beach, MA :: Jodi and Mario (Part II - Introductions and First Dance)

There's just something about Jodi and Mario's beautiful smiles that make you want to smile, too.  You can't help but smile yourself when watching this happy couple get introduced at the Blue Ocean Music Hall for the very first time as husband and wife.  I love how Jodi and Mario sing along to their first dance song as they gaze at each other so lovingly.  Just precious!

To make sure we captured their first dance seamlessly, we positioned ourselves creatively on the dance floor.  I covered close-ups using a long zoom lens from one side of the dance floor, while Neeta covered guest reaction shots with a super wide-angle lens from an opposite end of the dance floor.  This allowed us to make sure we covered as much of the action as possible (and from different vantage points).

And speaking of happy moments, if you haven't seen their wedding vows (which they wrote themselves) make sure you check it out here.

We simply love this first dance piece and can't wait to show you more of their wedding day.  Coming soon.... Jodi and Mario's wedding recap film!

Melia Caribe Tropical Wedding Videographer :: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic :: Pamela and Matthew (Wedding Recap Film)

Pamela and Matthew were married on October 6, 2012 in the tropical Dominican Republic.  When they contacted me to edit the raw footage from their Caribbean destination wedding into a wedding recap film several weeks ago, I was excited to be working with this couple and concerned about editing footage shot by another wedding professional.  But my worries were quickly put to rest when Matthew shared a few of the camera files with me and I was able to view the quality of the footage.  Thanks to the skilled work of Milan Vasovic (who shoots in the Dominican Republic), creating a heartwarming story about Pamela and Matthew's wedding day was a true joy.

I love the excitement in seeing Matthew and his groomsmen sharing a few laughs during preparations, and how Pamela is swept with emotion when opening a wedding day gift from Matthew.  And let's not forget all the fun dancing at the Melia Caribe Tropical Beach and Resort complete with light-up party sunglasses!

So without further delay, let's get to their wedding recap film.  Congratulations to Pamela and Matthew on their beautiful wedding!

Cinematic Editing: True Focus Films
Videography/Photography: Milan Vasovic
Ceremony and Reception: Melia Caribe Tropical Beach and Resort
Soundtrack License: The Music Bed 

St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Wedding Videographer :: Portsmouth, NH :: Maria and Dionisios (Part II - Wedding Feature Film)

We love capturing the bride and groom as they get ready for their wedding day.  This is the only part of the day where the couple won't know what the other person is doing until they see their wedding film.  So while reliving the wedding day festivities through the wedding film is exciting, being able to see a part of the day that wasn't possible to be experienced first-hand is truly fascinating!

Neeta and I started the morning of August 24, 2013 with shots of Dionisios' preparations (including the Greek traditional shaving of the groom's face).  As soon as we wrapped up with Dionisios, we hopped into our car and headed to visit Maria as she prepared with her friends and family.  We can't help but smile when hearing Maria recant the story of how Dionisios accidentally stumbled across a picture of her wedding dress on her phone!  And we're touched by Dionisios' thoughtfulness in sending a stunning flower arrangement to his wife-to-be as a way of telling her how excited he was to be marrying her.

Along the way, we got to meet Arya (the couple's adorable Alaskan Klee Kai) who was so excited to greet all the family members at Dionisios' home.  And we got to meet all the great family and friends that were on hand to celebrate with the happy couple.

Are you ready to experience Maria and Dionisios' amazing wedding?  We knew ahead of time that there would be several surprises throughout the day, but we were still wow'ed by the level of detail that went into planning their special day.  From the ornate orthodox Greek ceremony at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church to the  lavish reception at Black Swan Country Club (featuring celebrity guest vocalist Efi Thodi who flew in from Greece just hours before), you're in for a treat.  And speaking of treats, don't forget the dessert station featuring heart-shaped Boston Kreme donuts courtesy of Dunkin Donuts (mmmm!) along with two of the nicest Dunkin Donuts team members we've ever met!  Special thanks to the fun-loving and inspiring team at Nicole Chan Photography for sharing some of their stunning photography with us (and if you're looking for a great photographer.... you must check out her work... truly beautiful)!

Maria and Dionisios' wedding feature film highlights the best moments of their wedding day and allows you to relive (or experience for the first time) all the excitement through our lenses.  This is surely one wedding we will not forget and we wish the newlyweds a beautiful future together.  "Singariteeria" (congratulations) to Maria and Dionisios!

Cinematography: True Focus Films
Photography: Nicole Chan Photography
Ceremony: St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
Reception: Black Swan Country Club
Officiant: Father Bob Archon
Greek Band: Diesi
Celebrity Performer: Efi Thodi 
Soundtrack License: The Music Bed