Online Film Streaming is Now Here!

Happy New Year!

New for our 2019 film season, we're now offering an online streaming service for our wedding films.  We've partnered with streaming service MediaZilla to provide a truly unique experience for our wedding couples.  You might recall that we've been including one year of online hosting of the wedding highlight film (the shorter 5-10 minute version of the entire day).  But the highlight film is only one segment of our typical wedding film service, and many couples usually want more than just the highlight film.  That means we've been relying on DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and USB drives to deliver the additional content.  Disc-based systems are great for having dynamic menus with scene-selection options (think of buttons to "jump" to certain parts of the movie), and USB drives make it easy to watch the content on devices such as smart TVs and computers.  But we haven't been able to offer truly interactive disc-style menus with the ease of online streaming... until now.

We're excited to bring this new streaming platform to you, and we're confident this will make your wedding film that much more thrilling to watch for many years to come.  Couples can enjoy their films on mobile phones, tablets, and computers.  And there's even an Apple TV app that makes it insanely easy to view on a large screen.

Check out the film below to try out the service yourself!

For more information about our streaming service or wedding film options, give us a call at 617-283-5196 or send us a message.  Dates are still available for 2019!