Lake Pearl Wedding Videographer :: Wrentham, MA :: Jenna and Paul

Time for more fun with Jenna and Paul!

By now, you know that Jenna and Paul are a fun-loving and energetic couple.  And when I say fun-loving and energetic, I mean anything goes with these two!  Neeta and I were on our toes the entire night trying to keep up with them and their wedding party.  And speaking of toes, did I mention that there were some amazing dancers at their wedding?  Hopefully you’ve already seen Jenna and her father perform their elegant foxtrot-swing medley for their father-daughter dance.  But Paul surprised us when we saw him burn the floor with his own fancy footwork!  Check out the recap to see just how much fun these two had at their wedding.  Just one question, how does the guy (toward the end of the recap film) do all those insane dance moves?  I wish I could move like him!

Special thanks to Ron Kolias Photography for the stunning still pictures.  There are so many amazing photos from their wedding, but I think this is one of my all-time favorites.  If you’re looking for a great wedding photographer, Ron Kolias MUST be on your short-list!  He’s super easy to work with and he produces some of the most amazing photos I have ever seen.  Thanks to Ron for sharing some of his images with me.  Here’s what the front of Jenna and Paul’s Blu-ray disc case looks like:

It’s been such a blast working with Jenna and Paul, and we’re going to miss seeing their footage on a daily basis.  But not to worry, you haven’t seen the last of this couple!  We’ll be updating our rotating header (for our blog) soon, and you may see some familiar faces at the top of our blog!  Check back in mid-January for the new headers to go live.  Until then, happy holidays everyone.  Looking forward to a great wedding season in 2012!