Tanglewood Wedding Videographer/Filmmaker :: Lenox, MA :: Lauren and Jeremy (Part II - Wedding Vows)

We just love it when couples write their own wedding vows.  They're so powerful and meaningful that it just adds an extra dimension of "uniqueness" to the wedding day!  That's exactly what Lauren and Jeremy did for their picturesque wedding at Tanglewood.... they composed their own personal vows to one another and recited them in front of their closest friends and family.

So we just had to share their heartfelt wedding vows with you.  Honestly, while editing this portion of their wedding film, I started to get a little teary eyed myself.  We love all the little details about their "dating years" that show us who they really are, and how much they love each other!

Special thanks to the couple's friend Adam Levin (classical guitarist) for providing the beautiful guitar accompaniment.  This was actually the song the couple used during their processional, but it was just so amazing that I had to include it for this part of their wedding film!  (Don't you love the magic of film editing?)  And of course, a huge thanks to Devin Keefe for officiating the service.  What a great speaking voice!

Enjoy Lauren and Jeremy's wedding vows.  More to come soon.  And be sure to subscribe to our blog so you'll be among the first to know of new postings!  Like us on Facebook and visit us on Twitter to see what we're working on now!