Spring Valley Country Club Wedding Videographer :: Sharon, MA :: Karen and Adam (Part II - Wedding Recap Film)

Things we love about Karen and Adam’s wedding.  (1) Awesome venue… Spring Valley Country Club is just beautiful! (2) Great DJ…. Greg Gates kept the dance floor moving the entire night.  (3) Oh yeah, did I mention Karen and Adam, one of the happiest couples we’ve met in quite a while?  When I met with Karen and Adam to discuss their wedding details several months before the wedding, their smiles and laughter said it all; it would be a fun wedding!  When asked if there would be a theme, Karen quickly told me “simple, but pretty”!  Perhaps that's what they were going for, but I'd call their wedding more along the lines of "stunning and elegant"!  Take a look at their wedding recap film below, and you'll get a sneak peak of their amazing day!

Neeta and I started our day with getting some preparation shots of Karen and Adam.  They each had their own dressing rooms at Spring Valley Country Club so we bounced back and forth to get shots at different stages of the prep.  One of our favorite shots from prep is Karen admiring her wedding dress in a full-length mirror.  And let’s not forget about Adam’s father Neal (who was the best man) adjusting Adam’s tie and then giving him a playful slap on the face!  Both shots are priceless!

Then we prepared for the “first look”, where the couple gets to “see” each other for the first time.  This is done ahead of the ceremony, and gives the couple a chance to spend a few minutes together to bask in the moment.  We love the “first look” as it lends itself easily to taking formal portraits with the wedding party before the ceremony.  This means they are free to enjoy cocktail hour and spend time with family and friends.  During their “first look”, Neeta and I were positioned on opposite ends of a golf course to get a variety of shots.  We love the look of excitement on Karen’s face as I follow her walking toward Adam on Steadicam.  You can almost feel the anticipation on Adam’s face as Karen taps him on his shoulder, signaling him to turn around!  Special thanks to Douglas Levy for sharing a few of his breathtaking portraits to be used in our wedding film.  Seriously, check out his work... you'll be amazed, too!

So without further delay, here's the world premier of Karen and Adam's wedding recap film.  You can't help but smile yourself when you see just how happy they are to be getting married!  Mazel tov to Karen and Adam (and Bruce, their adorable puppy) on their beautiful wedding!

Cinematography: True Focus Films
Photographer: Douglas Levy
Venue: Spring Valley Country Club
Officiant: Rabbi David Kudan
DJ: Greg Gates Plowman