Premium Custom-Engraved USB Drives to Feature Your Wedding Film

DVD and Blu-ray discs are great for preserving your wedding film and have been the "standard" format of wedding film delivery for many years.  But a new trend is making a splash in the wedding world... a format that allows even higher quality and portability.  Welcome to the world of USB drives, where gigabytes of data are easily stored in an easy-to-carry device about the size of your index finger.

Why do USB drives make sense for wedding films?  Many new TVs are being manufactured with USB ports built into the TV.  Couples can insert their USB drive into the TV and watch their wedding film in full HD splendor without the need for a DVD or Blu-ray disc player.  But the fun doesn't stop at the TV.  Any computer (with a USB port) can also serve as an HD screen to watch the wedding film.  Simply insert the drive and double-click to start the playback!  And if you have a smartphone or tablet, simply copy the file to your device and show-off your wedding film anywhere you go!

We custom-engrave your USB drive with first names and wedding date by laser-etching on the surface of the USB drive.  The metallic cap (featuring our blue/white/silver color scheme) swivels a full 360 degrees (so you can't lose the cap)!

Your drive is presented in a simple and elegant white box with a pillow-cushion bottom.  An elastic band keeps the USB drive snug and prevents it from moving around.

 There's even a small magnetic latch on the lid to keep your box safe and secure when not in use!

 Interested in seeing one of our custom-engraved USB drives in-person?  Give us a call or send us a message, and we'll setup a time!  For couples who want the very best in image quality and data storage, our premium USB drives are a great way to preserve your special day.