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Your group has been rehearsing for weeks, perhaps even months.  You can't wait to perform in front of a live audience.  But who will be there to capture the performance and produce a professional archive?  Perhaps friends or relatives will record using smartphones from their seats, but the video may be shaky and probably taken from awkward angles (common with footage shot from an auditorium seat).  And the footage is likely to be hard to hear any dialogue or tap sounds from the stage (and probably filled with distractions such as coughing and chatter from audience members next to them).  That's where we come in.  We setup our cameras to capture optimal vantage points of the stage or performance area, and then edit the footage from all cameras into a single video.  You'll see the best angles at any given time (wide-, medium-, and close-up angles).  And we're sticklers about audio, too, using specialized stage microphones to capture any spoken dialogue, tap shoe sounds, and sound effects.  After all, what good is a video if you can't hear what's going on?


My dance studio schedules performance dates around True Focus Films’ availability, so that I know I have the best filmmaker covering my dance performances!
— Elite Dance Center (Foxboro, MA)

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We love all styles of dancing, and have worked with many dance studios throughout Massachusetts.  Here are some of our most common dance styles with which we've worked:

  • Ballet

  • Ballroom (smooth/standard, rhythm/latin)

  • Children and teenage dance studio recitals

  • Indian Arangetram

  • Irish Step

  • Jazz

  • Lyrical

  • Modern

  • Tap

  • Flash Mob (yes, we've even captured a flash mob that was produced for a wedding couple as a surprise!)


You've probably heard the phrase "the right tool for the job".  Well, we agree, which is why our camera gear used for any staged performances is specialized for environments with dynamically changing lighting.  Dimly lit scenes?  No problem.  Focused side lighting for shadows and visual effects?  Yup, we can capture that.  We shoot on professional Canon DSLR cameras and the finest lenses to make sure your footage is sharp and clear, no matter how bright or dark the stage may become.   And then we apply our signature trueIMAGE enhancement during editing to give your footage a touch of contrast and saturation for that "wow" factor that makes our footage look so amazing.  Clients continually rave about the quality of their films, and we love hearing how happy they are!


Whether your groups needs just a few DVDs or hundreds of Blu-ray discs, we can handle any size job.  We produce all our DVDs and Blu-ray discs in-house and oversee quality control at all phases of production.  From precision disc duplication to custom artwork printing to final packaging, we make sure every DVD and Blu-ray disc that leaves our studio will meet your expectations.

But what sets us apart is the amount of detail that goes into every film project.  We create custom navigation menus so that viewers can quickly skip from one dance number to the next.  And each film project includes high-resolution disc case cover inserts for the look of a Hollywood-studio produced movie.

No boring or generic disc labels here.  We create a custom disc surface design for each film project, and then print directly on to the surface of the disc using a specialized 6-color high-resolution inkjet disc printing system.  And the disc case insert gets a similar treatment, incorporating your dance company's logos, color schemes, and artwork designs directly into our layouts.  Why do we go through so much effort to make things look so good?  Your film project is a reflection on your dance company, and we want your hard work to be archived beautifully.

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Were you part of a dance performance that we captured and would like to purchase a DVD?  Place your order on our secure website for fastest turnaround time.  Or contact us via email or phone if you have any questions.

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