frequently asked questions

  • Why do your cinematic wedding films look so amazing?

Cameras are everywhere and anyone with a decent camera can “record” a wedding.  But it’s how we compose, shoot, and edit the footage that separates us from other filmmakers.  We pre-plan the types of shots we’ll capture at your wedding and then film the action with a fresh and modern style.  Dramatic close-ups of the couple during preparations, swooping wide-angles of the venue, and energetic action shots of the celebratory wedding party are just a few of the shots we’ll capture at your wedding.  And then we’ll edit the footage, apply various image enhancements to give it our signature “bold” look, and create a film that tells an emotional, loving story about the bride, groom, and their amazing day.  Cheesy effects?  Nope... we don't use them.  We let the story of your wedding day unfold in the best way possible... naturally.

  • Do you use special microphones to capture clean audio?

You bet!  We’re actually a little nuts about audio, but that’s why couples frequently tell us our films sound so great!  The built-in microphones found on many cameras just aren't designed to capture sound at far distances, as sounds tend to bounce off walls and other objects before actually arriving at the camera.  The result is muffled sound and poor quality dialogue.  To overcome this, we place a microphone on every key person/group that will be speaking or performing during the event, thereby capturing audio at the source.  Of course, these microphones are discrete so your guests won’t see them unless they try to find them!  We use a variety of wireless lapel-worn lavaliere microphones, shotgun microphones for long-range pickup, and portable audio recorders for close-range pickup.  How many microphones, you might ask?  On a typical wedding, we’ll use 5-6 microphones for the ceremony and 4-5 microphones for the reception.  No extra charge for this; we want the best quality audio!

  • What is a trueDEMO disc?

Every project includes our exclusive trueDEMO disc process. Approximately two to four months after your event (depending upon the complexity and timing of your wedding film), you will receive a "preview" disc of your project called the trueDEMO disc. This disc is a fully edited version of the footage, complete with opening titles, closing titles, music, menu navigation, and custom artwork on the disc face and the disc case. We ask that you examine the trueDEMO carefully and inform us within three weeks of receipt of any changes that need to be made on the film. One round of changes is automatically included in the price of our services, but any substantial changes after the first round of changes may incur additional fees. This process puts you in the director's seat. You have the ability to edit the footage and determine if any portions need to be removed or repaired. It's our approach to making sure you're absolutely thrilled with your wedding film, and we continually get rave reviews from our clients saying they loved being a part of their wedding film creation.

  • What is the trueIMAGE enhancement?

We add a touch of contrast, boost colors, and apply skin softening filters that make people look stunning.  We love it when couples tell us that they are amazed at how great they look on our films!  Every film includes our signature image enhancement process.

  • Are you insured?

Absolutely, we carry full liability insurance coverage.  If you need details, just ask!

  • Is there a fee for travel?

If your event venue is within a 30-mile radius of our studio (zipcode 01803), there is no travel fee.  If your venue is between a 30-80 mile-radius of our studio, we charge a flat $75 fee.  If your venue is beyond 80 miles from our studio or if air travel is required, additional fees may apply.   Parking fees will be charged to the customer.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we gladly accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express).

  • I can’t wait to book you! How do I reserve my date?

Just shoot us a line or give us a call.  We typically respond within 24-hours to all messages/inquires and we’re looking forward to learning more about your wedding!

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