There’s a reason why couples often tell us that our wedding films look like “movies”.  All movies convey a story; it could be about a person or a destination.  But regardless of the topic, there’s a story to be discovered throughout the movie.  Our wedding films are no different, and we pride ourselves on capturing the emotion-filled story of your wedding day.  Oftentimes, the best stories are the ones captured during completely candid moments, where you may be chatting with wedding party members and sharing a few laughs.  We have a keen sense of looking for these precious moments where you’re completely natural and just having a great time.  No forced smiles, no pressure to re-do things… we just want you to forget we’re even there and be completely comfortable in front of our lenses.  That’s when the truest emotions appear, and that’s pure gold for our wedding films.  Prospective wedding couples (who have never met the wedding couple in the film samples they are watching) frequently tell us that they feel like they "know" the couple after watching one of our films.  We love hearing that… and when viewers say this, we know we’ve accomplished our goal.


Notice how our images are sharper and more detailed than that of other filmmakers out there?  We shoot on professional grade Canon DSLR cameras and use the finest lenses to capture your day.  Oftentimes, we'll use  different camera and lens combinations for different parts of the day (e.g. preparations, ceremony, cocktail, reception).  This allows for skin tones to have a gentle glow and for details of flowers and decorations to really "pop" off your screen.  Every wedding film is shot at 24 frames/second (the same frame-rate used by the major motion picture studios) as this creates a wonderfully cinematic feel.  Our preferred method of delivery is on Blu-ray disc as this provides full HD resolution (1920x1080) for the sharpest details and clearest images of your wedding day.  We want you to relive your wedding in all its splendor every single time you watch your wedding film.


A key component of every film we produce is the trueDEMO disc that you receive after all the initial editing is complete.  The trueDEMO allows you to view your project semi-completed and request changes to the film prior to the final version being delivered.  We feel this service is critical to your overall satisfaction of your wedding film (and we're one of the few filmmakers to offer this).  Every couple that we've worked with has thoroughly appreciated our trueDEMO disc process as it allows them to fine-tune their film and provide input into the details.  Perhaps the volume is too low at a particular point in the film, or the spelling of a name during the closing credits needs to be changed.  With the trueDEMO disc, you get to request changes prior to the final discs being delivered.   We embed a special "timecode" on the screen so you can pinpoint the places where the changes need to be made.  (Don't worry, the timecode won't appear on the final version!)  Our couples repeatedly tell us how much they appreciate the trueDEMO process.  After all, this is YOUR wedding film to cherish for years to come, and we want to make sure you are completely thrilled with it.

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