Winner of 2012 VISTA Award (New England Professional Videographers Association) :: Dedham, MA :: Wedding Filmmaker

As wedding film professionals in the Boston area who strive to stay current in filmmaking trends, we are active members of the New England Professional Videographers Assocation (NPVA).  This group of filmmakers meets monthly to discuss filmmaking styles, learn about new camera/audio gear, discover new shooting techniques, and network with other professionals in the industry. 

Every year, NPVA holds its own competition for the best films (created by NPVA members) in various categories.  This year, one of our wedding recap films was selected for the "silver" level VISTA Award, NPVA's recognition for filmmaking excellence!  The judging committee was comprised of senior members of NPVA and judging criteria were based on both technical and aesthetic qualities of the film.

Here is a picture of our award!

And here is the wedding recap film that earned us our award!  This is from Shannon and Michael's wedding (August 2012) at the Biltmore Hotel in Providence, RI.  We had a great time at their wedding, and we're thrilled to have been selected for this prestigious filmmaking award!