Ipswich Country Club Wedding Videographer/Filmmaker :: Ipswich, MA :: Danielle and Jared (Part III - Slideshow)

OK, pop quiz.... name a highlight of the wedding reception?  Did you say parent dances?  Yup... that's right.  The traditional father-daughter and mother-son dances are full of emotion and happiness.  We often see tears of happiness, and we love capturing that on film!

For Danielle and her father, their parent dance had an element that we often see at weddings... but not typically during the parent dance!  Thanks to Danielle's friend Karen Manuelian and her slideshow creativity, they were able to display a slideshow of Danielle and her father DURING their parent dance!  How awesome is that!

I asked Danielle if it would be ok to post the slideshow online, and she said yes.  Thanks to Karen Manuelian for sharing this slideshow file with us!