Blue Ocean Music Hall at The Pavilion Wedding Videographer :: Salisbury Beach, MA :: Jodi and Mario (Part II - Introductions and First Dance)

There's just something about Jodi and Mario's beautiful smiles that make you want to smile, too.  You can't help but smile yourself when watching this happy couple get introduced at the Blue Ocean Music Hall for the very first time as husband and wife.  I love how Jodi and Mario sing along to their first dance song as they gaze at each other so lovingly.  Just precious!

To make sure we captured their first dance seamlessly, we positioned ourselves creatively on the dance floor.  I covered close-ups using a long zoom lens from one side of the dance floor, while Neeta covered guest reaction shots with a super wide-angle lens from an opposite end of the dance floor.  This allowed us to make sure we covered as much of the action as possible (and from different vantage points).

And speaking of happy moments, if you haven't seen their wedding vows (which they wrote themselves) make sure you check it out here.

We simply love this first dance piece and can't wait to show you more of their wedding day.  Coming soon.... Jodi and Mario's wedding recap film!