Blue Ocean Music Hall at The Pavilion Wedding Videographer :: Salisbury Beach, MA :: Jodi and Mario (Part I - Wedding Vows)

We simply love it when couples write their own vows.  They're heartfelt, personal, and full of love.  They tell a story about the couple -- a story that goes back to how they first met, how they got engaged, and how they got to their wedding day.  And because we try to tell a memorable story about each and every wedding couple through our wedding films.... well this just makes our jobs that much easier and more fun!

But enough about us.  Let's turn our attention to Jodi, Mario, and their chic wedding at the Blue Ocean Music Hall at The Pavilion in Salisbury Beach, MA.  When I first met with this adorable couple a few months before their wedding, I knew they'd be a fun couple.  Jodi and Mario have such a strong connection, it shows through their deep understanding of what each other is thinking at any given moment.  So naturally, on the morning of their wedding on September 21, 2013, it was obvious they couldn't wait to hear the vows they had written for each other.

Neeta and I are still working through all the footage from their special day, but we just couldn't help and share this clip from their wedding vow exchanges.  Their words tell so much about who they are and how much they love each other (and we love the little jokes that they intersperse throughout)!  We love the ear-to-ear smiles on their faces and how they are moved to tears when reading their vows to each other.  There's more to come, but we hope you enjoy this short clip as much as we do!

Congrats to Jodi and Mario!