Oak Ames Memorial Hall Wedding Videographer/Filmmaker :: North Easton, MA :: Amy and Jerry (Part II - Wedding Recap Film)

There comes a time when words aren't able to do justice to the heartfelt emotions of a wedding day.  Whenever I see tears of joy from both the bride and groom as they vow to love one another for the rest of their lives, I can't help but get a little teary eyed myself.  Amy and Jerry are such a couple, and I am blown away by how meaningful this couple has chosen to make their wedding day.

But let's back up to when this all started.  I first met with Amy and Jerry about ten months prior to their wedding, and I could tell they were a fun-loving couple.  Jerry's extensive collection of pristine-condition "Jordans" sneakers, Amy's stiletto heels emblazoned with rhinestones in the shape of the Patriots logo, and of course, the couples die-hard passion for everything-Patriots made me realize how determined this couple was to personalize their wedding day to represent everything important to "Team Pajotte".  I cannot tell you how much I love seeing that in a wedding couple... it makes me so happy that they're making this wedding day about them and the people they love.  In their words, "together, they are unbreakable."  Love that!

Zip ahead to October 24, 2014... the big day.  Shooting with me that day was Bob Accettullo (thank you, Bob, for all your hard work)!  Our first stop was the Holiday Inn in Taunton, where we split up and captured footage of Amy and Jerry getting ready.  We got to meet Jerry's daughter Anarie (who's smile stole the show during all the portrait sessions)!  Amy and Jerry's gift exchange was so much fun (and yes, full of happy tears), but what really blew us away was their inspirational first-look.  In our planning meetings, we had discussed first-look concepts, and they had decided to do a non-traditional first-look.  We weren't sure how this would translate on film, but I can assure you... it was spectacular (and we may be stealing this idea in the future.. haha!).  Amy was able to see Jerry's back, and the two of them were able to talk to each other, all without actually seeing one another face to face.  It's a bit hard to describe... so you'll have to watch their wedding recap film below (or better yet... ask them to show you their complete wedding film) to get a true sense!

We then headed over to Oak Ames Memorial Hall to capture the ceremony.  Huge props to Jimmy Grieshaber (the officiant) who personalized the ceremony to really fit Amy and Jerry's style.  I love the line "through touchdowns and fumbles..." as he references Amy and Jay's love for the Patriots!

We then headed over to The Chateau Restaurant for the elegant cocktail hour and reception.  I still can't believe Amy and Jerry hand-designed the metal lantern centerpieces on each of the tables (which they showed me at their home prior to their wedding day).  And don't forget their "S'more" themed signature martinis and wedding favors... another nice touch of personalization.

Amy and Jerry, if there was an award for most personalized wedding, I think you'd be top contenders!  We've loved working with you and have had quite a challenge condensing all the footage into a 7-minute wedding recap film.  Needless to say, it's been a pleasure working with you and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!  Perhaps your wedding will serves as an inspiration for future wedding couples!

A few shout-outs to some really great people.  Todd Wilson, love your creativity and great attitude... it was great working with you again!  Gary Ahearn and Dana Berger, your energy is infectious and you kept the party rocking all night long!  And special thanks to Weston Faulkner for the beautiful acoustic guitar accompaniment.  Your music really set the mood for the ceremony!

And now, without further delay, let's get to Amy and Jerry's wedding recap film.  Congrats to Amy, Jerry, and little Anarie on their amazing day!

Cinematography: True Focus Films
Photography: Todd Wilson Images
Ceremony Venue: Oak Ames Memorial Hall
Reception Venue: The Chateau Restaurant
Acoustic Guitarist – Weston Faulkner
Officiant: Jimmy Grieshaber
Entertainment: DJX Studios
Wedding Coordinator: Jill Tracy
Soundtrack License: The Music Bed