Holy Name Parish Wedding Videographer :: West Roxbury, MA :: Courtney and Scott

There’s something about Courtney and Scott that makes you want to smile.  Maybe it’s the way they were looking at each other so lovingly during their full-mass church ceremony.  Perhaps it’s how they were finishing each other’s sentences when I met with them to discuss their wedding day timeline.  Or maybe it’s just their excitement to be getting married to each other.  I love it when couples look so happy.

We started our day at the picturesque Arnold Arboretum a few hours prior to the ceremony to capture some great footage of the wedding party.  If you're looking for a beautiful, quiet place to take formal pictures (that's relatively close to Boston), this should be on your short list of places to check out.  Shawn was our second shooter for this wedding and he captured some great footage of Scott and his groomsmen on monopod while I captured Courtney and her bridesmaids on Steadicam.

We then packed up our gear and headed to Holy Name Parish (West Roxbury, MA) to prepare for the ceremony.  While I setup microphones and audio recorders throughout the church, Shawn was busy capturing detail shots and guests arriving at the church.  We have a ton of great footage to share with you for Courtney and Scott’s special day, but let’s start with their wedding vows.  I’m not sure if the guests at the wedding could hear the couple exchanging their vows to each other (it’s quite a large church!).  But thanks to the lapel microphone hidden on Scott’s tux, you can hear every word in perfect clarity.