Black Swan Country Club Wedding Videographer :: Georgetown, MA :: Maria and Dionisios (Part I - Wedding Party Introductions and First Dance)

What makes Maria and Dionisios' wedding on August 24, 2013 so awesome?  Could it be all the fun-loving family and friends who helped the couple celebrate late into the night?  Or perhaps it's all the hard work and planning that the couple put into designing their special day.  Maybe it's the celebrity guest performer who made a dramatic entrance during the reception (more on that later)!  So which one is it?  You got it, all of the above.  And we think that seeing just how happy Maria and Dionisios are to be getting married and having their friends and family there to support them played a large role, too!

We’re still working on the edit for their feature film, but we thought it would be nice to share a brief glimpse into their wedding reception at Black Swan Country Club (Georgetown, MA).  This clip is taken from their wedding party introductions and first dance.  We love how all the guests are cheering and smiling at Maria and Dionisios as they get introduced for the first time as husband and wife.  And we love how the happy couple basks in the warmth of the guests’ company during their first dance.  It truly is touching to see them gave at each other with ear-to-ear smiles.

More to come soon!