The Hampshire House and Taj Boston Wedding Filmmaker Videographer :: Boston, MA :: Jenn and Ed (Part III - Wedding Recap Film)

There’s something magical that happens at weddings.  Sure, weddings join two people in matrimony and there’s a wonderful celebration to commemorate the joyous occasion.  But there’s something else that happens.... they bring families together.  And this couldn’t be clearer than with Jenn and Ed’s wedding day.

I first met Jenn and Ed back in January.  It was a chilly winter evening but that didn’t seem to have any damper on the couple’s wedding excitement when I met with them at their home (they even offered me fuzzy slippers to keep my feet roasty-toasty during my visit).  I got to learn a little bit about what makes them who they are and what they’re hoping for in their wedding film.  Part of my normal questionnaire includes “is there anyone or anything special you’d like us to capture for your film?”  Jenn and Ed both gave me a resounding “yes”!  And that’s when I got to meet the other love in Jenn’s life... her son Erik!  He was so friendly and adorable that I knew we’d be able to capture some really great footage of him, too!  I could tell that Ed and Erik were buddies... and I knew this wedding was going to be so much fun!

Fast forward to May 31, 2014... their big day!  Neeta and I started our day at the Hampshire House where we found Ed and groomsmen Lionel and Simon hard at work with decorations.  We found a few minutes to capture the three guys getting dressed and sharing some laughs (along with Ed handing out groomsmen’s gifts).  We love when Simon discovers a great way to remember which way the cummerbund is worn... with the pleats facing upwards.  “To catch the crumbs... that’s a great tip,” Simon exclaimed.  I’ll have to keep that in mind for the next time I wear a cummerbund!

We then headed over to meet up with Jenn at the Taj Boston Hotel.  We were capturing Jenn with her bridesmaids Ann and Michelle getting their hair and make-up done, when we noticed Jenn’s dress hanging in the hallway.  Sunlight was pouring through a window in the hallway, and we knew we had to get a shot of Jenn’s beautiful dress!  I quickly grabbed the Steadicam while Neeta setup the shot.  If you’re wondering how we timed the door opening, well that scene took about 5 takes.  Neeta stood behind the door and we timed it so that as soon as I came about 8 feet from the door, she started opening it.  The “reveal” of the dress is just awesome... one of our favorite shots in their film!

There are just so many great memories from their wedding day, and words don’t do it justice.  So let’s just head straight to their wedding recap film so you can experience all the fun and excitement for yourself!  And if you were a guest at their wedding, we want to extend a HUGE thanks to all the family and friends for making our jobs so much easier!  You held doors for us, allowed us to proceed through first, and had awesome smiles going on all night!  Thank you!  A big shout out to our friends Julie and Brooke of Julie Surette Photography for being awesome and sharing all the fun with us!  We had a great time shooting with you once again and hope our paths cross again soon!

So without further delay, the world premier of the wedding recap film!  Congrats to Jenn, Ed, and adorable Erik!

Cinematography: True Focus Films
Photography: Julie Surette Photography
Bridal Preparations: Taj Boston Hotel
Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Hampshire House
Officiants: Barbara Khan, JP
Entertainment: Joe Mazza (J&J Productions)
Cake and Desserts: Icing on the Cake
Soundtrack License: The Music Bed