St. Mary of the Assumption Wedding Videographer :: Brookline, MA :: Jennifer and Greg (Part II - Wedding Vows and Rings)

When the pieces of the wedding day just seem to “come together” you know that all your hard work and planning have finally paid off.  That seems to be the case with Jennifer and Greg who got married on September 22, 2012 at the amazing St. Mary of the Assumption Parish (Brookline, MA).  If you’ve been reading along, you’ll remember Jennifer and Greg’s elegant dances at the Hampshire House (Boston, MA),  and if you want to see that clip again, click here.  But now let’s turn our attention to one of the most sacred moments of the wedding day... the wedding vows and exchange of rings.

One thing I love about their wedding ceremony is how the light from the church’s beautiful, cathedral ceilings mixes so well with the natural sunlight pouring through the majestic stained glass windows.  This wonderful glow throws just the perfect amount of highlight on the happy couple, and I’m thrilled with how the emotion of their special moment is captured through our lenses.  You can almost feel how happy Jennifer and Greg are to be proclaiming their love and devotion to each other.

For this part of their ceremony, Bill and I were positioned in different parts of the church.  Bill was in the back of the church capturing the straight-on shot, and I was positioned in the front of the church facing Jennifer.  A third camera was positioned at the front of the church looking toward Greg.  With the combination of these three shots, we were able to capture their wedding vows and ring exchange with hardly any movement, giving all the focus and attention to where it should be... to the happy bride and groom!

And just in case you're wondering why the dialogue sounds so great, no it's not because the priest was holding a microphone (although that microphone was being used to amplify dialogue on a PA system for all the guests in the church).  To capture the best quality audio of vows, ring exchanges, and other dialogue for the video, we provided the priest and Greg each a wireless lapel microphone.  These microphones are hardly noticeable (Greg's microphone was concealed behind his boutonniere) but provide amazingly clear dialogue, perfect for capturing vows even when being whispered by the bride and groom!

So let’s get to the clip, shall we?  And coming soon, Jennifer and Greg’s wedding recap!  Enjoy!