Life is full of wonderful moments.  And your wedding day is certainly no exception… it’s filled with smiles, laughter, and of course, love.  From wedding day preparations to last dance, you’ll be surrounded by countless memories for years to come.  So who are we?  We are storytellers, capturing all the festivities and emotion through our lenses.  Our approach is simple – to tell the story of your wedding in a modern cinematic style that showcases all the excitement and energy of your special day.  So while memories may fade over time, you’ll always have your wedding film to relive the day and share the love.  And yes, we pride ourselves on being unobtrusive.  This is YOUR wedding day and we want the focus to be on you and your guests, not on us.


So what makes our films so unique?  For starters, we shoot with multiple cameras from multiple angles.  We then edit the footage together to create a seamlessly flowing film that takes advantage of the best viewpoints at any given time.  The result is a film that showcases the best perspectives of your wedding day.  And dimly-lit receptions are no problem... we can add small touches of accent lighting to properly light the wedding activities while maintaining your intended ambiance.



With over 15 years of filmmaking experience, we bring creativity and dedication to the event and work with you in planning the wedding film.  We pay close attention to details, capturing all the elements that make the wedding unique.  From centerpieces to invitations (and even signature drinks!), we'll make sure to showcase the little touches you've put into making your wedding special.  After all, no two weddings are alike and we want to feature all the hard work that's been put into planning for your special day.

At our first meeting, we'll get to know each other and talk about the vision for your wedding.  We'll discuss wedding film options and gladly answer any questions you may have about our services.  If you need some inspiration, our blog (where you can see the wedding films currently being worked on) are full of stories about our wedding couples.  Check out what we're working on now!

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